Thomas Tan Khoon Boon Family History : Timeline from Oei Family

1890 – Thomas Tan Khoon Boon was born, the 6th child and 4th son of John Tan Hai Seng & Magdalena Lim Geok See) 1920s –  Thomas Tan working for the Civil Service. Roped in by Cousin Wee Cheng Soon … Continue reading Thomas Tan Khoon Boon Family History : Timeline from Oei Family

Cecelia Tan Khi Tien (1887-)

Juliana deduces that the 6th child / 3rd daughter (also believed to be older than the 4th Son Thomas) of John Tan and Magdalena was Cecelia Tan Khi Tien. Cecelia married Lau Teck Huat on 29 April 1913 at the age of 26 which means she was born in 1887, twelve years after Regina Tan. Cecelia cannot be 4th daughter as the Si Kou in the memory of those who visited Pulau Ubin in the 1960s, was only in her 60s. Research continues. Continue reading Cecelia Tan Khi Tien (1887-)


  Conversations with Anastasia about her encounters with the men and women in the Tan households and the homes they entertained in, threw up these bits of trivia about the Tan lifestyle. The Men: Wore white shirts and pants if they’re were in senior position. Some wore ties but some wore shirts with collars that didn’t require ties. Their buttons were reinforced with safety pins. Clothes were washed and starched by itinerary dhobies. Smoked cigars and “ang hoon”.   The Women: Wore sarong kebaya or baju panjang with different degrees of ornate jewellery depending on their wealth.  Wore their hair … Continue reading Lifestyle

Lucian Tan Mang Tien (1897-)

The youngest and 5th Tan daughter was Lucian Tan. She married Josephus Li Tschong Lim on 17 January 1914 at the age of 17 and had children, Anastasia is also the only one to remember Soi Kou. They visited her during the Lunar New Year. She lived with Sar Chek and Sar Um at 4.5 miles Bukit Timah Road and worshipped at Tek Kor Sua or St Joseph’s Church at Bukit Timah Road. Anastasia recalls that Soi Kou wore sarong kabaya and nice kerosang and tied her hair in a bun. She spoke Teochew and Malay and served them kiam … Continue reading Lucian Tan Mang Tien (1897-)