The Lim’s of no. 182 Makepeace Road

Joseph Lim & Elizabeth Tan Meow Khim’s children were all born at 182 Bukit Timah Road where the family lived from 1930s till the 1960s. Their eight children were / are: 1. John who has three sons – Richard Lim Koon Heng and Patrick Lim (RIP) by his first wife Theresa Chua; and Raymond by Cecelia whom he married on Theresa’s demise on the birth of Patrick. Richard distinguished himself as a President’s Scholar (1972); 2. Catherine married to Benedict Teo with three children – Robert, Maureen and Regina; 3. Mary; 4. Christopher married to Margaret Leong Ah Mooi, with two … Continue reading The Lim’s of no. 182 Makepeace Road

Rosaline Tan (RIP: 2006)

Rosaline Tan was the 9th child and 3rd daughter of Paulus Tan Khoon Tong. She was born at 2 Makepeace Road. Rosaline was the baptism godma to Paul Lim, the first son of James Lim and Julia Tan. From the late 1950s, Rosaline resided with the Lim’s, first at 8 May Road and later at 95 Jalan Pintau. Her sisters Aunts Helen and Anna visited the Lim’s regularly and took Juliana and her siblings on trishaw rides to nearby places like Dorset Road to get rice grounded for kueh-making. Rosaline worked as a clerk at Boustead company where she interacted daily with English … Continue reading Rosaline Tan (RIP: 2006)

Mary Tan (1933-)

Mary Tan is addressed as the fifth (as her eldest sister Elizabeth Tan had died by the time she was born) daughter of Paulus Tan Khun Tong, the fifth son of John Tan & Magdalena Lim. Mary was born in 1933 at 2 Makepeace Road but from the time of her birth till age 7, Mary was raised by fourth Tan aunt Cecelia. Home was Johore, O-KIO  (vicinity of Balestier Road and Pegu Road which Anastasia said she visited aunt Cecilia) and Pulau Ubin where aunt Cecelia lived after she married. At age seven, Mary returned to 2 Makepeace Road. Sadly, … Continue reading Mary Tan (1933-)


Antonium Tan was the 5th child /2nd son of John Tan & Magdalena Lim. Antonium married Marianna Li Lai Mia on 12 November 1908. Nothing more is known of Antonium.  Did he also relocate to Thailand?  Julia and Marie-Theresa recall that the older Tan sons (Jacobien and Antonium) relocated to Thailand to work in  businesses started by the Low and Goh families (Kiam Hoa Heng and Buan Hoe Seng) which are linked in later generations by marriage to the Tan family. Research continues. Continue reading ANTONIUM TAN KHNG NAI (1883-) &MARIANNA LI LAI MIA

Memories of Life at 255-E Bukit Timah Road By Padthma Doraisamy

We were toddlers when Rabi were born (I was 4) but I still remember the wailing….we thought it was cats fighting but Patti (my maternal grandmother) told us we had a brother. When Rabi was 3 or 4 he decided to run off to the main road ….luckily someone brought him back before he reached it. We had a lot of friends to play hop- scotch, catching, and to pluck cherries from the house in front of the Danas’ house. I remember those close to our age …Maisie and Maureen (Mr. Kwee’s daughters) and Vasugi. I still have those scrapes on my knees from running and falling on the tarred road. Hawkers like the … Continue reading Memories of Life at 255-E Bukit Timah Road By Padthma Doraisamy

Life at 255-E Bukit Timah Road by Rabi Doraisamy

I was born in 255-E Bukit Timah Road, so it forms a significant part of my history although I reckon it is an insignificant part of the history of the house which must be pretty ancient (100 years?) and which holds the secrets of many families. My three older sisters were born in KandangKerbau Hospital but I was either extremely anxious to see the world or my mother was over-confident of the timing of my birth and I felt special being born at home. My mother, Annabella Doraisamy (nee Christie), was a homemaker then but subsequently became a teacher and taught first at Fairfield Methodist Girls’ School and then at ACS Junior School at Barker Road. My father, Theodore R. Doraisamy (later the Reverend and then Bishop), a teacher, later … Continue reading Life at 255-E Bukit Timah Road by Rabi Doraisamy